RYDIS, established in 2020, is a company dedicated to providing specialized demonstration/experience services for global retail market
stores, aligned with new products released by manufacturers through the establishment of key customer relationships and partnerships.

Core Services and Solutions

RYDIS offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of marketing activation, including product planning, development, production, and
store operation management. Our unique strength lies in providing specialized demonstration/experience services tailored for global
retail market stores, aligned with new products released by manufacturers.

Service Features

1. Global Retail-Specific Demonstration/Experience Services :
We offer customized demonstration/experience services to optimally introduce new products to consumers.
2. Customized Solutions :
We provide tailored solutions to enhance marketing performance through close collaboration with our customers.

Our Values

▪ Innovation and Quality :
We consistently provide products and services that surpass customer expectations through the latest technology and quality management.
▪ Strengthening Partnerships :
We are establishing a leading position in the market through strong collaborations with key clients and partners.
▪ Collaboration and Clients :
RYDIS is currently building partnerships across various industries, and our solutions are successfully applied in diverse fields.


  • IS System Division

    Marketing Devices and Solutions

    ▪ In-store Demo Presentation Equipment

    ▪ Related Software and Applications

    ▪ Promotion and Exhibition Operation Equipment

  • Platform Division

    Integrated Store Operations Management Services

    ▪ Content Management (Distribution) Service (CMS)

    ▪ Live Streaming-Based Conferences

    ▪ Application Development

    ▪ Platform-Based Customized Customer Solutions

Our Experience

For AV Products:

▪ Audio Output Switching Equipment
▪ Audio Comparison Listening Demonstration Equipment

For TV (Co-Display) Products:

▪ Smart TV Applications
▪ Store Operations System
▪ Cloud-Based Integrated Media Management Solution
▪ (Including Intelligent Content Distribution and Synchronized Playback)


▪ Marketing Tools for Retail Stores (Including E-POP)
▪ Closed Customer Tailored Web Services
▪ Software and Apps Operated for Customer Product Compatibility
▪ Conference Web Services


  • Retail Marketing Tool  +

    • AV Sound Solution
       Portable Speaker & Sound Bar
       Sound Switcher (TV - Soundbar)

       Multi generator (5ch upto 8ch)

    • Plan on : E-POP

  • APP & WEB Solution +

    • Smart TV App / System

    • Media Management Solution
       (Content Delivery And Sync Play)

    • Exclusively Web Service

    • Interworking Software

    • App With Customer Products  

    • Conference Website

Contact US

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